Preparing the space for your Home Story

When prepping your home for a photo shoot please take a look below at a small collection of very simple, yet impactful things that you can do to help assist the real estate photographer (me) to make your home look its best! The less time spent on staging when on-site, the more time there is to devote to focusing on capturing the best shots possible of your home. Please consider the tips below and take pride in the preparation of your home in order to help create the best possible images for your listing and sell your home fast!




- Remove cars from driveway
- Eliminate empty planters
- Hide any sprinklers or hoses
- Remove flags or items that may obstruct the view of the front of your home
- Tidy up patio areas and deck (arrange furniture, pillows, etc.)
- Clean pool and remove any debris (if applicable)



living areas

- Clean windows and mirrors
- Replace all burned out light bulbs
- Turn off ceiling fans, televisions, and computer screens
- Place jackets and shoes in closets
- Remove photos of people you don’t want in the pictures
- Hide away TV remotes, magazines, mail, etc.


- Minimize clutter on counter tops to only a few items
- Conceal waste baskets or garbage cans into a closet or pantry
- Remove soap and any dishes from sink area


- Make all beds
- Clear nightstands and dressers of personal items and chargers for phones/tablets
- Store away large toys or obstructive children's items such as diaper genies


- Clear soap and personal hygiene items from counter tops and sink
- Remove shampoo bottles and personal products from view
- Put toilet seats down



- Clear yard of pet waste and toys
- Hide away water and food bowls
- Place any pet beds and toys into closets
- Contain your furry loved ones into crates or a different floor of the home