JSP featured in Housetrends magazine!

Recently, I had photographed a custom home for a builder in Hebron, KY for an agent that I work with on a regular basis. To my delight, I was asked if some of the photos could be used to accompany an article that would showcase the property and homeowners. 

It was a lot of fun shooting in the gorgeous custom home. The house itself is perched atop a hill and features sprawling views of the valley and Ohio River. The home also overlooks the stables below. Quite a peaceful scene.

Check out the actual article below!


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Local Love

Honored to be recognized and featured as one of the "top local experts" in the Greater Cincinnati area for real estate photography. Check out this cool article and feature from Cincinnati Refined!

And this feature from Expertise.com!

Pseudo Apocalyptia

I had a TON of fun wandering one of my favorite local parks in an effort to create my own little wasteland with images that hinted (sometimes not-so-subtly) at a post-apocalyptic portrayal. I like to call them "wastescapes." You may recognize this location from a previous blog post, however it's now late November and the lush forests are no longer present. But, there's a different kind of beauty to be found in the negative spaces that this season brings. Anyway, it was fun!

National Air Force Museum

A rainy Thursday saw me visiting the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, OH. I had never been here before and my visit was long overdue. I've always had an inexplicable interest in the military and am forever indebted to those who serve our country. I spent about three to four hours in the museum. While I read some of the displays and exhibits, my main priority was capturing anything that caught my eye, aesthetically. I knew that these hangars would contain more leading lines and poppy colors that any photographer drools over. Low light was a challenge in some cases, as I didn't take the time to use a tripod due to other visitors, but I was mainly there for fun!

Hocking Hills

A recent visit to Hocking Hills State Park, and surrounding area, for my soon-to-be brother-in-law's bachelor party not only offered great company, but some gorgeous scenery. There are several shots below from Old Man's Cave, where the overcast sky allowed the rocks to really showoff their warm tones. The recurring pond in the images was located near the entrance to the neighborhood of cabins. I visited this site multiple times throughout the day for various lighting opportunities. The trip was a blast and I cannot wait to get back out to that area again.

Gilmore Ponds Preserve Metropark

I had a great few hours today while exploring a local preserve, north of the city. My dad used to take me here when I was little. I can remember him getting pretty excited about the heron that hang out around the grounds. Today I realized how he must have felt to see these majestic creatures thump their giant wings and soar gracefully among the canopies. I cannot wait to return to the area once the leaves really start to turn. I managed to grab a few interesting shots.